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Facilitation & Training

I can assist at all stages of developing and running a workshop or training, from design and material creation to event facilitation.


I engage all levels of stakeholders, from grassroots organizations to ministers and donors, to support various initiatives, coordinate responses, and build networks.

Project Design & Implementation

I approach projects with human-centered design that  collaboratively seek innovative solutions.

Strategy Development

From short to longer term strategies, I will help your organization to identify needs, develop a theory of change, budgets and action plans.

Curriculum Development

I work with organizations and institutions to develop curriculum on various topics, using practical approaches to learning objectives to meet adult learner needs.


I believe in data to support projects and policy recommendations. I can assist your team to develop tools and methods for scientific research initiatives or M&E of a project.


I approach projects with a keen desire to learn by actively listening and engaging with stakeholders to foster a collaborative and efficient work atmosphere. I thrive in environments where innovation and adaptability are encouraged, and pride myself professional integrity, openness and strong interpersonal skills. I hold a strong work ethic with an ability to manage an ambitious portfolio of projects and people. I am used to operating in multicultural, fluid, and stressful environments, and have an ability to remain calm and positive in all circumstances. 

Areas of Expertise



Primary schools to universities


Sports for peace and development


Innovative EdTech solutions


Refugees camps and contexts


Community conservation initiatives


Grassroots initiatives from local communities

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