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Erin Hayba Buisse

Erin Hayba Buisse is the founder and CEO of Erin Buisse Consulting. She is an experienced education specialist with over 15 years of professional experience in the humanitarian, public and academic sectors. Erin's areas of expertise include education, forced migration and refugees, and innovation. She has worked with all levels of programming, from partnering with grassroots organizations to coordinating donors and government officials, always with the goal of improving access to quality education.


Erin believes in the power of education to transform lives, especially for vulnerable populations in emergency contexts. She has taught and implemented programs from K-12 to university-level. She began her international career as a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching in Kenya and has since worked with very diverse organizations including UN agencies, government bodies, NGOs and universities. Erin has spent significant time in refugee contexts, particularly in Kenya and Lebanon, as an education in emergencies expert. Highlights of her career include being selected as an Innovation Fellow at UNHCR for designing and implementing ed-tech solutions in refugee camps and co-leading new initiatives including the Connected Learning in Crisis Consortium. Erin is actively involved in exciting research initiatives and a frequent speaker at international conferences. 


Erin holds an Ed.M. in International Education Policy from Harvard University and a B.S. in Art Education from Penn State University. She is pursuing a PhD in Educational Research at Lancaster University, focusing on higher education of refugees. Erin is fluent in Kenyan Sign Language and has working knowledge of French and Swahili.


As an avid lover of the outdoors, she currently lives in Chamonix, France with her husband and daughter where they enjoy skiing, climbing and hiking together. Erin is an American citizen and a permanent resident of France, splitting her time between Europe and North America.



Since its founding in October 2019, clients of Erin Buisse Consulting include:

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Publications & Media

Partnership for displaced scientists (2020)

A press release highlighting the work of Erin Buisse Consulting in leading a workshop that brought together experts to discuss and plan a way forward to jointly address the needs of refugee and displaced scientists globally.

TWAS initiates new project for displaced scientists (2020)

A collaboration of three international science organizations announces the launch of a new awareness campaign dedicated to assisting refugee and displaced scientists with Erin Buisse as the lead consultant . 

Higher Education Spaces and Protracted Displacement: How Learner-Centered Pedagogies and Human-Centered Design Can Unleash Refugee Innovation (2018)

This article co-authored by Erin Hayba (Buisse) looks at how higher education in refugee contexts enhances innovation.  

UNESCO Mobile Learning Week: Connected Learning Consortium (2017)

In this strategy lab, led by Erin Hayba (Buisse), the design of digital higher education program delivery with innovative solutions is explored. 

Swissnex: Humanitarian Action 101 (2017)

In an event designed to invite the public to meet people working in conflict and emergency zones, Erin Hayba (Buisse) talks about her experience working as a humanitarian.

Everyone a Humanitarian (2017)

Podcast where Erin Hayba (Buisse) shares about her experience overseeing InZone’s initiatives in East Africa and coordinating the Connected Learning in Crisis Consortium which works to bring online learning to refugee communities.

Life Beyond Olympics for refugee athletes (2018)

As a recipient of the prestigious Peace and Sport Awards 2016, Erin Hayba (Buisse) talks about her project, ‘From Refugee Camp to Rio’ in a radio broadcast.

UNICEF: Children, ICT and Development: Capturing the potential, meeting the challenges (2013)

Erin Hayba (Buisse) was an expert consulted for the development of this report which explores the ways in which technology can contribute to meeting child-focused development goals. 

Harvard Ed. Magazine: Conflicts of Interest (2013)

As an officer working with UNHCR, Erin Hayba Buisse shares her experiences working to provide education programs in the world's largest refugee camp.

eLearning Africa: Education in Refugee Camps (2013)

Erin Hayba (Buisse) presents an exciting project that engages a refugee community to collaboratively implement computer labs in schools that benefit teachers, students and parents.

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